About us

LEMAR company (previously FOLIOMAX) is a producer of a wide range of products designed for horticulture and agriculture. For our product we use white PVC foil of a thickness 0,6mm or black polystyrene foil of a thickness 0,65mm. Seed trays offered by our company provide optimal environment for plants growth, as well as they support transportation and storage and enable high efficiency of surface and substrate. They also facilitate the mechanization of work associated with the cultivation and hence, a significant reduction in production costs.

Using seed trays each plant generates its own root ball, which protects the seedlings from diseases transmitted through the substrate and prevents damage to the root system during blasting and guarantees a very high number of rootings.

Pallets made of white plastic do not focus the sun's rays and thus the roots of seedlings are much less prone to dryness. Pallets made of plastic in black through focusing the sun's rays accelerate the growth of seedlings, however, require more attention to maintain a constant humidity and substrate.